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Utility Assistance






The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides eligible households with help in paying utility bills. The program pays benefits of fixed amounts based on household income. An additional benefit is available to eligible households having a high energy burden.

Eligibility is based on annualized income and the number of members in the household. The Summer program will assist with regular electric bills or shut off notices.  All payments are made directly to the vendor.  

Special provisions are made for those households whose utility cost is included in their rent and those living in subsidized housing.

Income Eligibility

The below Income Eligibility chart shows the most money your household can make per month to qualify for LIHEAP, depending on the number of people in your household. It is subject to change; if you're not sure whether you qualify, contact us.

To download a LiHeap application, please click on the blue link at the top of this page labeled "LiHeap application."  Applications are accepted at Human Service Centers in our eight-county service area. If you are interested in applying, call your local office to find out how.

Current Federal Poverty Guidelines
(Updated each February)

Household Size

Maximum Monthly Income

1  $1,481
2  $1,937
3  $2,393
5  $3,305
6  $3,760
7  $3,846
8  $3,931
9  $4,017
10  $4,102



There are two primary types of LIHEAP assistance

  • Regular Assistance — LIHEAP may pay a portion of your regular monthly home heating bill (one month only) taking into account your household’s total gross income, household size, energy bills, geographic area, and fuel type (electricity, natural gas, heating oil, propane, wood).
  • Crisis Assistance — LIHEAP may provide emergency assistance in the form of payments to utility or fuel delivery companies if you have less than 10% of a tank of fuel or are in danger of having utility services disconnected.  The summer program will only assist with electric portions of the bill.  Any other charges must be paid prior to the application process.

Applications are accepted at the following times:

Craighead, Crittenden, St. Francis, and Jackson -----Monday & Wednesday 9:00 a.m. to 12 Noon

Greene, Jackson, Poinsett, and Woodruff - Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 12 Noon

Craighead 1313 S. Church Street @ Earl Bell Comm. Ctr. Jonesboro 870-935-8610
Crittenden Roberta Jackson CC - 13th & Polk St. West Memphis 870-400-4023
Cross 1304 South Falls Blvd. Wynne 870-238-1229
Greene 144 Linwood Paragould 870-239-3531
Jackson 2000 McClain Street Newport 870-523-5474
Poinsett 200 Industrial Marked Tree 870-358-1200
St. Francis 1343 S. Washington Forrest City 870-630-0193
Woodruff 924 Hwy 64 E. Augusta 870-347-1458

What to bring when you apply

  • Proof of Income for all household members 18 and older for the prior month before applying (wages, social security, unemployment, pension, disability, child support, HUD utility assistance, TEA etc.)
  • Most recent utility bill
  • Total number of members living in your household
  • Social Security number and birth dates for all household members
  • US Citizenship or legally admitted alien documentation
  • Knowledge of resources such as; checking and saving account balances and other assests
  • Verification of contributions
  • If no income, then applicant must have two collateral statements stating how they paid their bills for the previous month.

Our agency DOES NOT make copies.  All documents will be kept by the agency.

Generally, Regular Applications will be processed approximately four weeks after you apply; at the end of the four weeks, payment will be forwarded to your utility company.  Crisis applications are approved or denied within 48 hours of the completed application being submitted. An application must have all required documentation with it in order to be considered as a completed application.