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Under the Weatherization Program, owners and renters of mobile or standard homes can apply for insulation and energy conservation services to reduce their energy costs. Maximum average funds available is $6,500 per household.  Houses previously weatherized prior to September 30, 1994 can be reweatherized. These services are FREE to those who qualify.


Qualified participants must be property owners or renters, and have income at or below 200% of current Federal Poverty Guidelines:

Persons In Family

200% of Poverty Level (Annual Gross Income)

Monthly Gross Income

1 $22,980 $1,915
2  $31,020 $2,585
3 $39,060
4 $47,100
5 $55,140
6 $63,180
7 $71,220
8 $79,260


  1. Elderly and disabled
  2. Families with children under 18
  3. Documented high energy users

What you can get from our Weatherization Program

  • High tech energy audits
  • Testing, cleaning and repairs to heating systems or replace heating systems
  • Replacement or repair of broken windows and/or external doors
  • Air sealing around doors and window
  • Health and safety measures
  • Insulation in attics and walls
  • Energy efficiency lighting
  • Replace water heaters, and refrigerators

How to Apply for the Weatherization Program

  1. Pick up an application (or one can be mailed to you)
  2. Complete the application and provide income documentation and proof of ownership OR, if you live in a rental unit, you must provide a statement from the landlord agreeing to the service.
  3. Wait for your application to be approved and placed on our priority waiting list.

For more information

Contact Kenny Gunn via e-mail or call him at 870-802-7100.